Our world once had jaw dropping architecture that was built to inspire for thousands of years. People would spend thousands of hours carving details, chipping stone, bending metal, purely for character. We valued beauty as it represents hints of divinity in our world.

Somewhere along the way we drifted.

We started a "good enough" approach. We stopped cherishing the uplifting beauty of our world around us and stopped prioritizing immaculate natural health. We started putting synthetic endocrine dirsuptors in our self care products that can wreak havoc on our endocrine systems. We have strayed from our natural selves and as a result our physical and mental health has struggled.

But do not fret, because we have a choice. 
We are ushering in the Aesthetic Renaissance.
We are cherishing beauty and health as divine sources of inspiration.
We work hard to protect our natural health and to uplift one another. We value becoming the healthiest versions of ourselves to put our best selves into the world each and everyday.
We are bringing back radiant health and inspiring aesthetics.

Whether its our natural line of Tallow Skincare, Coconut Oral Products, or nutritious Rosemary Hair Care, w
e pride ourselves on making a suite of premium natural self care products that truly help you become a healthier version of you for very long healthy life.

We are Based Balm and we are so happy and immensely grateful you are here on this journey.