Look Better | The Moral Imperative

Look Better | The Moral Imperative

"Beauty is a symbol of morality." - Immanuel Kant

In a world adorned with beauty's grace, Looking your best, a radiant embrace. Exterior beauty, a gift to share, A catalyst for joy, a love affair.

For when we shine, our spirits bright, A ripple effect, a beacon of light. In smiling faces, hearts at peace, The world transforms, all troubles cease.

A vibrant tapestry of colors and style, Exterior beauty, a contagious smile. From fashion's flair to grooming's touch, A symphony of elegance, we clutch.

For beauty's quest, beyond our skin, Kindness and compassion dwell within. As we embrace our exterior glow, The world grows happier, this we know.

So cherish your looks, let confidence gleam, A world more beautiful, a splendid dream. For in looking our best, we radiate bliss, A tapestry of joy, sealed with a kiss.

These beautiful scenes, invoke something divine. 

As Aristotle, the eminent philosopher, asserted,

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things,

but their inward significance." 

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